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    Data & Technology Solutions creates Decision Support Systems that provide rich insights into Data and Organizational Effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use data capture, transformation and analysis tools lets our clients see and analyze their data in entirely new ways.

    With Data & Technology Solutions: Decision Support Systems you're better prepared to write targeted analysis, reporting and support evidence-based decision making by turning your strategic,operational and transaction data into useful, timely action-able information.

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    Data & Technology Solutions continues to pursue our goal of turning the world's data into actionable information by participating in Open Data contests & events such as the Heritage Health Prize, Random Hacks of Kindness: Hack-a-Thons, OpenGov, Challengepost.com, Kaggle.com and using our resources and knowledge to integrate and publish #OpenData.

    OpenData by Data & Technology Solutions: http://dtsDSS.com/?OpenData, a playground for data and a showcase for our custom Decision Support Systems.

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